3 Simple Steps to Secure your Data

In a fast moving world where data is all around us and spread across all our devices it's hard to keep track of what file is where and how to best protect it.

So here's a quick 3 step guide to help out!

Step 1 | Protect your data and devices with the very best security you can afford. Hackers are getting smarter and finding more ingenious ways each day to trick you into giving away your data or get backdoor access to it. Over the years we have tested the various Antivirus and system-attack prevention software and our findings are that Bitdefender is by far the best protection for your data and your device.

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Step 2 | Backup your data and make sure you do it right! Backing up your data once per month to a portable USB drive might be a good start but to truly have a working backup it needs to be automatic and to be stored in more than one location. Backup your files to the same drive and you're not trying hard, backup to a USB device and you're trying harder, however, use Online Backup and you're winning!  With Online Backup the process is normally fully automatic and easy, you mark out the folders you want to backup and the software packages those files in encrypted blocks and sends them to a secure data centre and stores the blocks across hundreds of servers. Well it does if you use the best Online Backup services, like ours!

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Step 3 | What we Consultants call "The Titanic" because you can have the best of everything else but without verifying it's all working you could still sink! The final step to protect your data is the one almost 99.99% of most the I.T. managers forget... VERIFICATION!  Yes, that's the most important step of all is to check that your security and your backups are actually working, it might sound basic but if you don't do it how will you ever know you're fully protected?  There are easy tasks you can perform once every few weeks to check your security software is protecting you and that your backups contain all your data and how to quickly restore it in an emergency.

Want to know how to achieve Step 3?  It's easy, Just Contact us today and we'll tell you.

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